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Termite Prevention

Regular Termite Inspections are the most important part of controlling termites.

You should be having inspections by a licensed professional at least twice a year, especially in South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. The best time for inspections are when termites are the most active, early spring to early autumn.

Termite Protection Barriers

The first step in protecting a house is to prevent termites from gaining access. This is achieved by placing a barrier under or around the house. Barriers are designed to deter termites or bring their presence out into the open. There are two types of barriers chemical or physical.

There are two types of chemical barriers in-soil and in-plastics.

As well as having a professional inspection of your property, regular checks of advised risk areas of your property should be carried out – keeping the edges of the house (slabs, footings, piers and stumps) clear of clutter, including garden beds (weep holes) and checking trees and timber fences for activity.

Chemical in soil barriers rely on treated zones being applied under and around the concrete slab or foundations. These chemicals are either repellent or non repellent. Repellent termiticides repel termites from entry and non repellent termiticides kill and prevent entry via these treated zones. Chemical in plastics are installed the same as physical barriers.

Physical barriers rely on the physical resistance of the material to resist termite attack. These are usually installed during new constructions, but some can be retro-fitted to existing houses. Physical barriers are made from crushed rock, metal, or other materials that termites cannot chew through, and in which any gaps are too small for termites to move through. Most of these products have to be installed by professionals that are licensed by the manufacturers.

Ant caps are installed at the top of underfloor piers or stumps to force termites into the open where they are easier to detect during regular inspections. Ant caps are not a barrier by themselves.

However be aware either is system is highly effective but still require regular termite inspections by a licensed professional to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

Termite Protection Baits

Baiting systems concentrate termites into a bait station and then feed the termite a bait – a palatable food containing an active ingredient. The termites collect the bait, return it the colony, and so spread the active ingredient throughout the colony. If enough active ingredient is ingested, then it is possible to eliminate the colony.

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