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Common Pest Information

Social insect: Most ant species are highly developed social insects that live in permanent colony nests, which depending on the species, may be in the soil, in timber, under pavers, and in the wall cavities or roof void spaces of homes and other buildings. Every home is vulnerable: Ants may travel large distances in search of food.

Even the cleanest of homes can provide a ready food source for ants which once found can invade in large numbers, such that professional help is required.

A nuisance pest: A few ant species can inflict painful bites, most are a nuisance pest when they infest pantries, kitchens and BBQ areas in large numbers. Summer time is particularly problematic as the ants are out in force, building up their numbers and searching incessantly for food to be stored in their colony nest to enable their survival during the colder winter months.

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