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Pest control gold coast 21 Jul 2015

Pest control on the gold coast and tweed is very important to have done and to keep up to date, but more important is the quality of the work done.

So many companies walk round spraying edges in and out of the house and are gone with your money before you can make a cup of tea.

Termite infestationPestrid termite professionals ensure that all problem areas are covered, some of these include

  • kitchen areas especially around waste bins, sinks and dishwashers
  • external areas where there is moisture eg around spa's bali huts and cubby's
  • garages and inside of cupboards

some things you can do to assist in keeping pests from invading your home is to go around and seal any cracks in skirting boards ensuring pipes under the sink are sealed and the hole around the pipe which enters the wall is filled with expanding foam or silicon.

areas where you have internal bins, is kept clean and mopped.

Ants are going to be coming out shortly so check where they are coming from, we can provide you with some extra ant dust that you can spray in the holes, then seal them up.

As for termites it is important to keep damp wood away from your home and ensure weep holes are free from blockage.

leaks from the roof or inside the walls is something you should get treated straight away and ensure to tell your Pestrid Representative about these areas.

Our spray takes over 1 hour to complete as we ensure peace of mind for an extended period of time.

so get it done now before the heat and the beasties come knocking.

And remember Pestrid are the only certified Termite treatment professionals around, so dont be fooled by others and think how long did the pest control take last time, if it was'nt pestrid i can bet it was less than an hour.

so get the best get Pestrid. on 0414 33 0414