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5 tips for a pest free home 10 Apr 2015

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Pest Control: 5 Tips For a Pest-Free Home

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It may hold true that every single creature plays a unique, or essential, role in the ecosystem. But when things get a little out of hand and some of these living organisms multiply at an exponential rate into a number that is beyond acceptable, a disruption of the natural balance occurs. It creates havoc in the system, resulting to some detriments, not the least of which is infestation.



Worse, it could happen right under our very nose and inside our beloved homes.

In order to protect the structures of our homes and the welfare of our households, you might want to consider some of these helpful tips.

Check for signs.

Most pests usually work in insidious ways and before we know it, a major damage has already been done. It's best to know some of the warning signs indicating an infestation. Realty Times advises to check on wooden floors, walls, or even structural columns that produce hollow sounds when you tap them with your knuckles or other solid objects.

Also, look for mud tubes, and peeling or cracking paints that could indicate the presence of termites. For larger pests like rodents, be on the look out for "droppings, footprints, odors, and scratching or gnawing sounds coming from interior walls".

Do not make your home inviting to pests.

You might want to reduce the risk of getting infestations by being mindful of things that could appeal to pests and make them want to live with you.

Lisa Jo Lupo, a pest control expert via, recommends keeping your home and its immediate surroundings free of litter. Recyclables and other stored food must be kept in a tightly-sealed container.

Do not hand them the keys as well.

Lisa also suggests checking on possible cracks, gaps, crevices, ill-fittings, and broken doors or windows that could pave the way for the unwanted entry of pests.

It is important to repair those that needs some fixing, replace those that have missing components like a roof shingle, and sealing those cracks and other openings. You might also want to make use of a screen mesh for windows and doors.

Don't make your home a breeding ground for pests.

Keep your home clean all the time so as to make it unconducive to living and breeding pests, as per How Stuff Works. Clean the rugs or carpets where fleas might hang out, avoid having standing water such as those on plant containers to stave off mosquitoes, and check on possible water leaks on your pipes and other sections to ward of some pests which are fond of damp or moist areas.

Ask for professional help if needed.

We can only do so much as homeowners. There are instances when we can't find the signs of pest problems, and we can't solve them through DIY means. Call for a qualified pest control team and consult with them, says